His Hands Photographs

Lately I have been looking for the best photography websites but it’s kind of hard to find one where all of the photo’s are appropriate, but my mom found a  Christian one called ‘His Hands Photographs”. Their pictures are all really beautiful, I loooove the ones of the little baby’s… SO CUTE!!!!! :)

Here is the link, check them out!

His Hands Photographs

~Naomi <3


NEW BLOG!!!!!!!

Hey guys, soo as you can see by the title… I have a new blog!!! ♥

I will be putting my best pictures up there and hopefully, eventually, I will be able to sell them!

Here is the link. PLEASE look at it and tell me what you think!!!!! :)

Naomi Elizabeth Photography


Lilla Rose

Hey everyone, me and my mom are going to start selling Lilla Rose! They sell beautiful hair and jewelry products. They are also very good quality, judging from the one we have! We have 2 of the original flexi clips. The U-Pins look really nice though and I would like to get some! :)

Here are some of their “U-Pins” :

Btw, if you do buy them, make sure you buy them through my link! :)