What I’ve Been Up To…

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. BUT I have a good reason for that! And here are some:

1. School, lots of it. :)

2. Church. It has been growing alot and we just reached our one year mark. Wow! It’s great! Last Sunday we added 5 new member’s… the Van Der Weide family. They are an amazing family and a HUGE blessing to our church! We are averaging about 60-ish people every Sunday!! Everyone who visits says we are a weird church, but hey, sometimes that better than normal! ;D I love our church. Period. :)

3. Life. Whether its traveling 3 hours away to Reformation Faire’s, taking random walks with your sis, spending your time dancing and singing, stalking people, being weird or taking pictures of leaves… it keeps ya busy. ;)

And that is only a little glimpse of what iv’e been doing! All of it would be wayyyyyy too much to type.

So adios and until next time, do me a favor… and have a great life. :)


~Naomi <3



Well, Janai did it. She graduated.  And no, I’m not kidding. :D

The ceremony was so cool! There were 14 other graduates graduating that day.  Everyone was super excited, and all of her class was really funny and hyper that day! The ceremony was really nice and a lot of time and planning of it was put into it, and it all paid off. :)  We took a lot of pictures buuut I will only put a few up..

Mrs. Hankins did a wonderful job organizing the whole event. Here she is announcing the program.

A happy moment.

Graduating Class of 2011!!!! :)

Back Row- Jason, Josh, Luke, Cody, and Anna Leigh

Middle Row- Kristina, Nathan, Grayson, Katie, and Janai

Front Row- Charles, Joe, Stephanie, Jessica, and Lindsey

Our awesome cousin, Sara and Janai!

Way to go Lindsey!!!!

Way to go Joe!!!!

This is the display table that we made for her!! It has a lot of her favorite things on it. :)

The proud grandma and graduate…

Close friends and family are always the best!


The big moment– THE DIPLOMA!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

And so that concluded the big day. It was tons of fun for everyone! And I am so proud of her… *sniff* ;)