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A Few of Life’s Moments

How has your year been so far? Leave me a comment and let me know!
Mine has been pretty swell so far.

One my goals was to make everyday worth something and don’t waste time… and I think I have been doing pretty good job. :)

OH! I almost forgot, for Christmas I got the 50mm 1.8! I am in loooove with it. Period.

So get ready for tons more pictures. ;)

I am SO excited to see what this year will bring. I’m ready for some adventure.











A Story:

Today, I was out jogging around my neighborhood when I saw a fed-ex truck go past me, I freaked out and was like “My camera was being delivered with fed-ex…”. So then I ran (literally) home and there was the brown box. My family was all gathered around it and they kept telling me to open the box. So I grabbed a knife and started cutting the tape.

I was so excited I started to shake and was so nervous.

And there, under all the packing peanuts …



Since then, it has never left my side… and probably never will.

~Naomi <3

~New Design~

Hey guys. So as you can tell, I HAVE A NEW THEME! Thought it was was about time to make a change into Spring. I really like this theme and I like how the pictures are big and easy to see. But, tell me what you think! :) Have an awesome week! <3

~Naomi <3

Hey there…

Hey guys so I have been totally gone and I know I have. Go ahead, yell at me. I know I deserve it. haha

But, I have been prettyyyyy busy with………. LIFE.

Which includes, school, church, family, friends, walking, breathing, sleeping, exercising, laughing and loving. :)


But doesn’t this snow look so soft? Like a pillow? Or a cloud?! I want to sleep on it… lol

Once all this cold weather goes and Spring arrives, I WILL be posting more. *pinky promise* :)

~Naomi <3