My church. <3

So, incase I haven’t told you yet… MY CHURCH IS THE BEST! No joke. :D

Jessie, Janai, Allison, Me (middle), Delaney (above me), Kaila and Sara. ♥

See this picture? See me failing right there? Haha Yep thats me dying. No one can fail at jumping as good as me… trust me, people have tried and they cant. :)

Thats better-ish.

And I will leave you with this. :)

P.S. These pictures were not taken by me. Mackenzie took them. And I edited them. :)

~Naomi <3


Part 3~ Harvest Party!

So this is the last part… its really sad. BUT anyhoo, here are the rest of the pictures. :)

We did “slacklining”. Its really hard.

Awwwww. ♥

I cheated…………

Mrs. Van Der Weide held on to Zack the WHOLE 2 feet she went. True story. ;)

We made corn dolls, well, the little girls did. :)

And then we talked and laughed and talked and laughed some more… :)

Marshmallow’s anyone? No? Ok……. more for me! :D

Well, hope you liked the pic’s! Cant wait till next year!

~Naomi <3

Part 2~Harvest Party!!!

Sooo there was like a million pictures of the whipped cream game, so here’s some more. :D


Smile! :D

Umm…. Zack thinks I take too many pictures, soooo I take more of him! hahaha

Pictures of people laughing are. the. best.

Sarah, Mariah, Ciara and Robyn. Looove them.

Hay bale jumping… is. epic. Makes epic pictures too. :)

This… isn’t… how… your.. supposed… to… do… it…. jus sayin’.

Come back for part 3!!!!! :)

~Naomi <3

Harvest Party!!!!!!

Every year (pretty much) we have an awesome harvest party… I love it!
We do games, races and laugh a ton. :)
This year, Mackenzie let me use her AWESOME camera… Me loves her alot. :D
So, without further ado- pictures from the 2012 Harvest Party!

Bobbing for apples:

Awesome people chillin:

Sara!!!!!! :D

Kaila!!!!!!! :D

Three legged race!!!! (which me and Sara were the grand champions overall… whoo hoo!!!!!)

Sara and Janai… Love ’em. :)

I didn’t take this, Mackenzie did. Isn’t Savannah cute? :)

For this game, we had to eat a whole pile of whipped cream and find a piece of gum at the bottom and blow a bubble with it… I lost. haha (btw, do I always look that creepy? O.o)

Love her eyes. <3

Wow, nice face Kaila . :D

And think, I’m related to these people. I feel bad for myself. hahaha

Better. :D

Kaila is saying “come back for part 2!” :)

~Naomi <3