{July 4th}









Well guys…

2012 is almost over. Can you believe it? I cant. When I look back on this year and think about everything that has happened, sometimes I feel like crying… It’s a good cry though. :) Here’s a couple bigger things:

1. We started our church!! Since starting this church plant alot of things have happened… even affecting myself (in a good way)! I feel like I really came out of my shell– alot! For pretty much all my life, I was really shy and quiet and most days I wouldn’t say I word, or do/try anything. But now I love talking, having fun and trying new things! :) For a long time the Devine family and my family’s have been dreaming of starting a church, and now that it’s actually happening and growing… ITS AMAZING!

2. I started this blog!! And I love this blog. ;)

3.  I turned 15.

4. Janai (sister) turned 20!! She old. ;)

5. I got contacts! I love not wearing glasses, its like a whole new world!

6.  All of us kids became really good friends with some unsaved kids that live in our neighborhood… we are hoping to grow those relationships and use it to influence them in a good way. :)

7. My dad, for the first time, wrote an e-book and did a 60 day juice fast! He lost about 65-70 pounds! SO awesome!

8. My mom wrote a couple e-books. She has also been making alot of money from her blog! It helps SO much! :)

9. I got into photography. ;)

10. Our family grew together and we became stronger. <3

What some things that happened this year for you?

~Naomi <3

Part 3~ Harvest Party!

So this is the last part… its really sad. BUT anyhoo, here are the rest of the pictures. :)

We did “slacklining”. Its really hard.

Awwwww. ♥

I cheated…………

Mrs. Van Der Weide held on to Zack the WHOLE 2 feet she went. True story. ;)

We made corn dolls, well, the little girls did. :)

And then we talked and laughed and talked and laughed some more… :)

Marshmallow’s anyone? No? Ok……. more for me! :D

Well, hope you liked the pic’s! Cant wait till next year!

~Naomi <3

Part 2~Harvest Party!!!

Sooo there was like a million pictures of the whipped cream game, so here’s some more. :D


Smile! :D

Umm…. Zack thinks I take too many pictures, soooo I take more of him! hahaha

Pictures of people laughing are. the. best.

Sarah, Mariah, Ciara and Robyn. Looove them.

Hay bale jumping… is. epic. Makes epic pictures too. :)

This… isn’t… how… your.. supposed… to… do… it…. jus sayin’.

Come back for part 3!!!!! :)

~Naomi <3